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Search for Programs using (D1, Competitive, Classic, Camp)
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Register Your Player

Step by Step

Step One - Create an Account

If this is your first time registering on the new Warner-ASG soccer program site then Step One is to click on the Create account link in the upper right hand corner of this page.  If you are trying to register for try-outs please also create an account. In the future, you will be able to login once you've created your account to Edit Account details.

Step Two - Complete Your Info

When you are creating your account please complete the form steps and provide the player(s) information in order for Warner-ASG to be able to place your player(s) on the right team to maximize success.  Please note the program you are registering each player to complete step three.

Step Three - Complete Payment

If you are just registering for try-outs, no fee is required. Your information will be sent to our office and you will be contacted in regards to your try-out date and time. After you make a note of the program each player(s) is registered for, you will select the corresponding program in the program catalog and add it to your cart.  At checkout you will be able to complete the registration by selecting your desired payment option.